Botched Labia Revision Orange County

Repair or correct problems from botched labia revision procedures

A botched labia revision can leave behind cosmetic deformities requiring advanced repair or treatment.  There are reconstructive techniques available that will treat these deformities and ensure an improved, natural-looking appearance. Dr. Poucher specializes in corrective procedures in her Orange County office that repair botched labia revisions.

Dr. Poucher utilizes sophisticated and complex surgical techniques to repair the botched labia minora and clitoral hood.  She maintains an intricate focus to ensure the most precise and accurate result.  Any remaining clitoral hood or labial tissue can be used to restore the labium.  The repair process will be conducted carefully to avoid injuring the skin.

If an excessively large labium is present, the gap will be removed and the regular sized edges are attached together. Remaining clitoral hood tissue can be used to create a new labia if there are tissue missing.  A scarred labium will be repaired by using existing tissue to suture it. A hanging clitoral hood can result from a botched labia revision, which can be reattached to a normal position.

If the clitoral hood is large, correction treatment can involve using additional skin to reshape the position of the clitoris.

Before undergoing a botched labia minora repair, an initial consultation is recommended to ensure you meet the requirements for the procedure.  For additional information, please call our support desk today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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